With a combined 25+ years in the property industry, we have extensive experience across the spectrum of residential real estate.

At Ethos Property, our vision is ‘Trust through Transparency’. We strongly believe that good ethics and honesty should be the basis of any relationship, including those in business. In fact, that is how our name came about! We are an agency that centres on this. In our experience, it is through the dedicated fostering of good relationships that we achieve smooth and successful outcomes.

Choosing the right agent is essential. We understand the value and importance of your largest asset; your home or investment. We also understand the challenges of navigating the real estate maze.

We are committed to ensuring you are not just another number or transaction. Being both the directors and licensees of Ethos, we have a hands-on approach and you will be dealing directly with us. This means we are able to give our clients a unique level of service, commitment, focus, continuity and care.

We look forward to chatting further about how Ethos Property can assist you with your real estate needs.

Sarah McTear & Alison White
Licensees & Directors