Things to Consider When Preparing Your Property to Rent

  • Utilities:
    • Water remains connected and in the owner’s name. We can make payment of both service and consumption charges on your behalf and will invoice the tenant for their water use
    • Gas and electricity, please disconnect before the tenancy begins
  • Mail redirection – arrange to your new address
  • Information booklets and manuals – Retic, appliances and alarm information is always useful and handy for the tenant. If you have these, please supply us with a copy so that we can keep a copy on file and give one to the tenant.
  • Keys – please supply 2 full sets of keys, one for the tenant and one for our office.
  • Remotes – please supply for number of car spaces, plus one for our office
  • Carpets - professionally clean carpets (tenants will do this as well on vacating)
  • Compliance requirements (please click the links below for further information)